The Big Queer Improv Show

The Big Queer Improv show is back! Some of the best Queer improvisers in London will be hitting the QCC stage for a never-before-seen, never-to-be-repeated show!Based on your suggestions the QCC Players will improvise a one-night-only comedy show sure to make you laugh your bum off. 
If you’ve ever wanted to try improv you can join Sam Roulston (The Second City, The Free Association, Hoopla) for a queer improv workshop before the show at 6:30pm. If you come to the workshop you can come to the show for FREE. And if you feel like it you can join the jam portion of the show too! No pressure though. 
At 8pm the show will kick off with a very special guest improv team, followed by an improv jam and closing the show is our very own QCC Players. 
The QCC Players are: Alex Berr, Amy Annette, Ayla Moore, Eliot J Fallows, Jono Selvadurai, Monica Gaga, Robert Gilbert and Sam Roulston. 
Improv Workshop:
This workshop will introduce you to the world of “Yes And” and help you create comedy on the spot. Improv is all about collaboration and saying yes to people’s ideas. Follow your spontaneity, trust your gut and you’ll be surprised at what worlds you can create. Improv is not just about being funny; improv is an amazing way to help people dealing with social anxiety or for people that want some practice feeling a little more free in their public speaking. This is a low-stakes workshop where we can share some laughs and maybe even make some new friends. Through games and exercises we’ll create stories, characters and learn the fundamentals of improvisation.

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