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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a ticket to attend the show?

Some of our shows required paid for tickets and some are free entry.  Even if the shows are free entry it is best to book a ticket online to ensure entry as sometimes we do sell out.  Check the event listing for full details.

Is there a bar available?

Our shows take place in different venues but they all have a bar available.

Can I heckle?

Absolutely not. In the past people thought that this was part of the show but the reality is it is not fun for anyone involved – the comedians or the other audience members. Please do not talk or heckle during the show, just enjoy it and allow everyone else to as well.

Is the club exclusively for LGBT+ people?

Not at all. We are designed for an LGBT+ audience but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t welcome – lots of straight people come and enjoy our shows as well. Our fun and inclusive environment suits everyone.

How do I book you for my venue or event?

If you have a venue you would like us to run a night at then we would love to talk to you.  We run primarily queer nights and so we are best suited to an LGBT+ venue. 

If you are running an event such as a Pride festival or celebration and would like us to produce the Comedy for your event please use this website to get in touch.

I'm a performer, how do I get on one of your nights?

Please use the link at the bottom of the page to tell us about yourself. We will most likely have you on our RAW night to get to know you a bit better first.

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